1. Threading: A well-shaped eyebrows are enough to create that impeccable impact and give you a confident look. If you have been searching for eyebrow threading, then your search ends here. We are one of the renowned Eyebrow Threading Salon in Quakertown giving you all the services under one roof. Threading is always a good choice when it comes to shaping the eyebrows as it helps in giving the right shape to your brows. Moreover, our experts and professionals know how to get the work done painlessly. It’s a run to the mill for our experts at Threads & Brows Studio, and that’s what makes us one of the first choices for those who are searching eye threading. Our services are not merely restricted to eyebrow shaping, but at the same time, we also extend our services to offer you threading of upper lip, chin, full face, full face with neck, neck, forehead, sideburns, lower lip. If you are looking for eyebrow salon near you then your search ends at Threads & Brows Studio. Our trained executive will ensure that the work gets done quickly and that too without pain.
  2. Eyebrows: Shape your eyebrows in the desired way and make yourself look voguish at this brow bar. Our team of experts knows how to shape your eyebrows without giving you much pain smoothly. Our salon is equipped with all the amenities that will make your visit to this salon a memorable experience. We don’t just shape eyebrows; rather, we groom your face so that you look all pepped up every time you walk out of our salon.
  3. Upper Lip – Finding the best salon, stop your search at Threads & Brows Studio. We are one of the best brow bar in Quakertown PA . Our wide range of beauty services has made us one of the best choices for the people who are looking for grooming services. Upper lip threading is a sensitive affair. Being a soft skin, working on it requires precision. Our trained executives know how to seamlessly remove the upper lip hair and get you rid of that unwanted facial hair painlessly. If you want we also have upper lip waxing services. In a matter, if 4-5 minutes, our experts will get you rid of those tiny hairs puckering up your lips.
  4. Lower Lip: Unwanted facial hairs are not welcoming for anyone, and we at Threads & Brows Studio comprehend this fact. A well-groomed lip is an asset of your face. We offer lower lip threading and waxing services, then you have come at the right place. We offer painless hair removal by threading that covers upper and lower lips. These services come at an affordable price.
  5. Side Burns (each): If you are tired of your side-locks and are willing to get rid of them, then you need our face threading and waxing services. We painlessly remove the side locks and give you a clean face which will make you look more confident and glowing. It might take 5-7 minutes to remove the side locks (each), but once it is done, you will find your face to look even more glamorous. Our experts know how to get the work done seamlessly and without pain. Their years of experience makes us one of the most sought after beauty salon.
  6. Chin: Every part of your face is an asset and grooming it up is important to make you feel more confident. We are known for our precision and painless approach. We have mastered staff who know the precise method of removing hair using threads. Chin threading and waxing is a few minutes task which our experts will do with ease. With our expert services, you will leave the place with joy and contentment.
  7. Forehead: Get smooth threading and waxing of forehead done with us. We are one of the renowned and trustworthy places for forehead threading services. Our team of experts and friendly atmosphere will instantly make you like the environment. We ensure that the entire process of hair removal from the forehead is trouble-free and doesn’t take much time.
  8. Neck: If you are looking for a complete grooming and hair removal services, its time to take a halt at Threads & Brows Studio. We provide complete removal of hair services at cheaper rates. Our team of experts makes the process of hair removal easy and effortless.
  9. Full Face: Some of us are very particular about the face, even slightest of hair growth can be bothersome, so get rid of this unwanted hair at Threads & Brows Studio, one of the leading face hair removal service provider. We offer a wide array of services, which also include full-face threading and waxing.
  10. Full Face with Neck: If you are looking for a skin-friendly option for removing hair from your face and neck, then you can opt for full face and neck waxing or threading. It is by far the gentlest way to remove unwanted facial hair. The reason people are opting for facial threading is that there is no usage of chemicals, thus leaving your skin unaffected. At Threads & Brows Studio, one of the leading face threading service providers in Quakertown has the best experts who know the art of painless threading. With their precision, they remove even the finest of hair, leaving your skin smooth. Moreover, threading also prevents sagging of skin. With threading, you don’t have to worry about skin breakouts, acne, redness or irritation. It leaves the skin smooth. But, if you are not fond of threads running on your face, then we also have a provision of waxing. You can choose to wax to get rid of hair from face and neck.

The complete pricing of the same is as follows:

Upper Lip
Lower Lip
Side Burns (each)
Full Face
Full Face with Neck

You can also opt for complete package and speak to our customer care executive to know more details about the various services offered at our salon.

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